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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Review: Lush - The Olive Branch shower gel

The Olive Branch shower gel from Lush is comprised of vine leaves, Mandarin juice, Bergamot oil and a whole load of other naturally sourced goodies. Unlike a lot of Lush products, the scent is actually less sweet and has more of an earthy smell. Despite the difference, the scent still lasts on the skin long after your shower.

One thing that did strike me was the consistency of the shower gel. It's a lot more runny compared to other shower gels. Sometimes the ingredients also separate, don't be put off by this though! Just give it a good shake before you use it.

The gel foams a little less that the other Lush products and I think this is down to the change in consistency. However, it's not the sort of problem that would make me avoid buying the product again.

The Olive Branch is Lush's most popular shower gel and in my opinionit's slightly over rated. The smell is gorgeous but I much prefer their other products such as Happy Hippy or limited addition Snow Fairy. I would recommend this to any Lush fans looking to draw away from the heavy, sweet scents


  1. Ah this is an interesting review, I always get put off by the colour of it (shallow, I know!)
    I may have to give this a try :)

    Lucy x

  2. I really wanna try out something from lush. Great review :)

    Btw new follower here, I'd love if you follow back <3


  3. Lovely post! Thanks for the review! It was very helpful!


  4. like your blog!
    keep posting and go for itttt