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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Quick collar tip nail tutorial

Ok hands up, who else bites their nails? I know I do! I have the most terrible habit. I hardly paint them due to them being so short. However, this month I've been inspired by every bloggers favourite mag, Company.
So here's my attempt! I didn't really have any specific inspiration but afterwards I though the tips reminded me of shirt collars.

I used OPI - Lily I love you, Ciate - Purple Sherbet and an unlabelled nail art pen I picked up at a car boot sale.

Step 1 
Apply two coats of Ciate - Purple Sherbet and leave to dry.

Step 2
I then applied one coat of OPI - Lily I love you to my thumbs only. It's packed full of glitter flakes so even a thin coat looks fab. (My flash doesn't show how pretty it is but it's lovely, trust me!)

Step 3
Carefully draw a diagonal line from the middle of your tip to the side of you nail.

Step 4
Repeat step on the other side of your nail and bulk out with more lines if you desire a thicker black tip.

Ta-dah! That wasn't so hard was it. I mean, if I can do it, you certainly can! Don't forget to tweet me @IamnotJessica if you try my tutorial. I'll happily post up your photo :)!


  1. i've attempted this looks so many times! you've done it so well! love the colours you choose! :) xx

  2. Cute tutorial!

    xo, Scarlett

    Feel free to checkout my blog sometime! http://thetrendychick.blogspot.com

  3. Your nails looks really cute! xo