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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Review: Lush - Moon&Sun steamer tab

I have to start by saying I've read a few reviews of this product and none of them are accurate when compared to my personal experience.

Moon & Sun steamer tab contains neroli and lavender oil to relax the mind and sooth your skin. My skin certainly felt a little more luxe after steaming. I felt refreshed and around my cheeks felt more tight, instead of the tired sagging I'm used to.

The scent of Moon&Sun is most notably Lavender based. Infact I couldn't really pick up the other ingredients, which include Farnesol, which smells of violets. I've heard a few people comment that the smell was over powering. For me, this certainly was not the case. If anything, I was slightly disappointed as I found the smell to be quite weak. However, when your nose is a few centimeters away from something, you don't want the fragrance to be too 'in your face' (excuse the pun).

If you're using water from the kettle, let it cool for a bit for safety reasons. However, the warmer the water, the more steam you'll get and the longer steamer time you'll have. I suggest putting your hand over the bowl before you drop the steamer tab in, to test how hot the steam is. To get the most out of the steam, place a towel over your head so it is most concentrated on your face.

The left over water can be used as a toner for up to 1 week. Any longer and you're risking it as unlike natural water, tap water has an expiry date.

Overall I quite liked Moon&Sun. However, I felt slightly silly sniffing a bowl with a towel over my head, so perhaps steaming isn't for me? I have Dream Steam left to try though so maybe I need to get used to it. I can image this to be the perfect thing to treat your skin during the winter months when you come in from the cold. I also suffer from migraines and since the scent isn't strong, I feel they could be very soothing.


  1. oooh I quite like steaming!always leaves my skin feeling super fresh :) know what you mean about putting a towel over your head though ahha xx

  2. I've never tried steaming, it seems like such an odd concept. I hope you get used to it!

  3. This sounds so strange, I have never really heard of this before but it does sound really interesting :)


  4. i agree that this sounds so perfect for the winter time! :)

  5. I like the sound of this, I always do steaming with Vicks when my sinuses are acting up and it works wonders!


  6. Ooo I love the sound of this product. Love a good steam, great for clearing blackheads :D Great review lovely xx


  7. i love LUSH! They have great products.
    Now following!

    xx, Martha