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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Free product descriptions

I've got a confession to make! I'm an absolute sucker for product design. Packaging, product descriptions and general hype surrounding something, gives me an undeniable urge to purchase! Although it's slightly embarrassing, I'm positive I'm not the only one.

Product description in particular is an area I'm extremely keen on exploring. After working on beauty reviews and SEO for AlliĆ© Magazine, I'd like to apply my skills to a new avenue.

For a while now, I've found myself reading The Lush Times from page to page. I already know most of the products, but I appreciate the creativity that has gone into each page. I also love a good pun or two, which Lush is notorious for! Philosophy is another brand that springs to mind. Instead of overly romanticised facts about how certain ingredients can work miracles, their bottles are adorned with short stories and recipes.

I'd ideally like to start exploring a more creative side of writing whilst supporting independent brands. Although I am a competent writer, I'm aware that my lack of experience in this field creates somewhat of a risk for companies. My idea is to offer my services, free of charge, to small online companies looking to enhance SEO and entice new customers.

To contact me regarding this opportunity, please email JessicaScribbles.contact@Gmail.com with the email subject 'Free product descriptions'. 

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