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Thursday, 1 March 2012

R UV Ugly?

This week I popped down to Cancer Research U.K's latest awareness campaign, taking place in the Manchester Arndale. The charity teamed up with treatment clinic 'Sk:n' to highlight just how much UV exposure we put ourselves through.

Shoppers were encouraged to enter the photobooth outside 'Next' to receive a free UV face scan which highlighted the specific areas that were most damaged by the sun. To sweeten the deal, participants also received a 'Sk:n' goodie bag, a free bottle of Vita Liberata false tan and a copy of their results.

Manchester currently has 12 tanning outlets per 100,000 people and was added to the roadshow after a recent spike in the levels of malignant melanoma in 15-34 year olds across the U.K. The levels of risks surrounding sun exposure can often depend on your skin type, but it's important to know that skin cancer is the second most common cancer in young people and everyone can be affected by the sun.

Even those who have never used sun beds may be shocked to see how much their skin is affected by everyday life. I myself am not a sun worshipper in the slightest and personally prefer being pale. However, my results showed serious sun damage. Each black spot on the picture highlights pigmentation and sun spots which are commonly caused by UV damage. I was advised to wear skin creams that contain higher SPF on a regular basis such as sun screen or foundation primers.

For more information and to check out your nearest free screening you can visit the 'Sk:n' website. 

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