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Friday, 23 March 2012

Salford University Dance Society - Romeo and Juliet review

When it comes to entertainment I'm the type of person who prefers to sit in with a couple of DVD's and a takeaway, so when my friends suggested attending a dance interpretation of Romeo and Juliet I had very mixed feelings.

Salford University Dance Society's (S.U.D.S) adaptation of Romeo and Juliet was more modern than I assumed it would be. With a soundtrack that included the likes of N.E.R.D and Katy Perry I was very surprised. I even found myself shuffling along in my seat to the beat. Despite the unexpected music, the chosen tracks really helped to illustrate the story. Even those who were unfamiliar with the play found it easy to follow along.

The choreography was fantastic. I really got the feeling that the brains behind the moves, Poppy Olah and Rachel Howe, really tried to incorporate a diverse range of dancing styles to show off what the cast could really do. The only draw back was the size of the stage. Some scenes felt let down by lack of space on the stage and due to the crowding I feel some of the dancers were distracted. I was informed that for some scenes some of the cast already had to be cut as they couldn't fit everyone on the stage.

Despite the cramped setting the cast pulled through and put on a great show. I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed the night and would recommend this kind of event to anyone looking for something a bit different to a DVD and takeaway!

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  1. very cool! there was a school play that was doing phantom of the opera that I went to and I was almost moved to tears it was so good haha, I love going to shows! :)

    great blog by the way