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Friday, 30 March 2012

Manchester Vintage scene guide

We all have that one friend that can get away with wearing pretty much anything. Rummaging through second hand shops, finding ultimate gems to add to their already immaculate style. However, if you’re anything like me, attempting to keep up with the new recycle, reuse, and reinvent ethos can often leave you looking like you’ve taken a tumble through Oxfam. So where are the best places in Manchester for these fashion treasure hunts and how do you avoid coming home with stuff more suited for your nan?

The Vintage Fair Level: Easy
 The Vintage Fair is a great place to spend an afternoon. For those of you not only interested in fashion, TVF offers plenty of home ware stalls too. You can spend a full day here and even find a tea party or two to fuel your hunt. TVF will be held in Manchester on Sunday May 5th, but if you can’t make it there are tons of other events listed on their website.

Retro Rehab Level: Medium 
Retro Rehab finds brings vintage into the 21st Century with a little crafty magic. You can expect to find a gorgeous selection of women’s wear but what is most enticing is their amazing array of vintage accessories. If you’re looking for that extra touch to an outfit then look no further. Although small, Retro Rehab is full of wonderful pieces to fit any occasion.

Ryan Vintage Level: Hardcore
When you finally release your inner fashion hunter-gatherer, you will be ready to take on Ryan Vintage. Stepping through the doors of this dim lit treasure trove you’ll be greeted with the damp smell of rows upon rows of second hand attire. A friend once described this place with the wonder of a child at Disneyland and at first I was struggling to see why. RV is not for the faint hearted. The only downside to the vast amount of clothing is that if you’re not prepared to get stuck in then this place won’t be for you. 

Extra tips:
 - Try to have a loose idea in mind, anything more specific and you'll come back disappointed.
- Ask staff when they get stock delivered. If you don't find something you're looking for ask staff to keep an eye out and come in next time new stock drops.
- Make a day of it! Vintage shopping takes a lot longer than high street shopping. If you're rushing your hunt you may miss out on some great finds.

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