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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Professional development

Since 2009 I've been regularly blogging the perils of fashion and beauty. However fond of the 'blogosphere' I may be, there comes a time when we all have to move on.

This blog will now become an online portfolio and diary of my professional experiences. This will include day to day life at Media City, work experience and side projects.

Currently, I am working on a campaign for Cosmopolitan Magazine with Campus Industries. As campaign manager, I am to publicise 'Cosmo On Campus' and distribute copies of their new streamlined version for students. It is an opportunity I greatly appreciate and I look forward to working with such a respectable brand.

As far as side projects, I have decided to focus my efforts into AlliƩ Magazine. A new online magazine aimed at women 18-25. What I would usually post on here or Bon Vivant Clique, will now be submitted to AlliƩ so that I can build my C.V whilst working on my own project.

I will be continuing with my University studies. This semester my modules include Feature Writing, Online Journalism and War Reporting. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my radio module last semester, I don't think broadcast journalism is for me and as such I intend to focus on written word media.

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