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Sunday, 3 February 2013

The beginning of Allié

I've spoken briefly about my latest project Allié on Twitter but I think it's time for a bit more detail.

Allié is a new online magazine aimed at women 18-25. I'm trying to create a website with all the popular features of mainstream glossies, with added female empowerment. I feel it's greatly important to support and inform women, who are still discriminated against in wider society. The website currently has three categories; discussion, fashion and lifestyle.

I'm pulling in every favour I have from contacts and friends to make this work. The goal is to gain a substantial audience and then to develop a digital magazine to go on sale on Apple Newsstand.

This is a very exciting time. I already have a small team of talented writers on hand to push-start our content. There seems to be a real buzz around working on the magazine and everyone seems enthusiastic. I'm actually surprised at how many people want to get involved!

The website is still looking for writers if anyone is interested in building their CV Alliemag.co.uk/jobs .


Please pop by and follow our progress!

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