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Friday, 15 February 2013

A little bit of everything

This week I started as the Cosmo On Campus campaign manager for Salford. It's a great honour to represent such a respectable magazine, especially considering I've been a long-term reader! I'm really going all in on this project. Despite the recent weather conditions, I'm not put off about the idea of hand to hand distribution. It's going to be really nice getting out on campus and having the opportunity to have a natter with fellow students!

I've also got some good news regarding Allié! We've had a huge increase in traffic to the website and have smashed our monthly target. I've very proud of all the writers and the effort they've put in! Admittedly I've become rather obsessed with Google Analytics Real Time.

University is also keeping me busy. Anyone who follows me on twitter will know that for my last Print Journalism project I chose to write a news feature on the sex industry in my home town. This was a huge task. Despite the risqué subject, I found many interviewees were willing to talk about their career choices. Whilst I had a great response from the workers, I struggled getting comment from official bodies. I had been very worried about how this let my piece down. However, I got my grades back yesterday and can proudly say I finished the module on a 2:1 grade!

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