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Sunday, 8 September 2013

It's good to be busy again

This week entails placement interviews, training, freshers fair prep and of course more Allié!

I'm excited to say that I've finally got myself a job that I can fit around my studies! I'll be working in my local Lush store. It's safe to say I know Lush products inside and out. After being a long-term fan of their excellent range and wonderful ethics; it feels amazing to say that I am now a part of their team.

I have a few placement interviews lined up. Hopefully they'll pull through because in the past I have been promised opportunities that haven't materialised. My plan is to visit as many places as possible to get the most enriched and varied experience.

Freshers fair will be taking place on 18th-19th. I'm so exciting to be heavily involved in the paper this year. I pulled an 'all-nighter' on Thursday night and managed to generate 3 pages of solid ideas for the features section. Although I am a student, it's actually been a challenge trying to tag into what my fellow students will want to read. I wouldn't exactly class myself as a typical student and most of my research lead to very 'lad-culture' orientated content.

Today I updated the Allié jobs page. This time I've asked for people to pitch ideas, rather than apply to be a part of the team. This is purely because we've had a lot of people join us and not actually submit anything. It has been highly frustrating, but I hope that this new way will ensure that the content we create will be of a higher standard.

I've been so busy recently that I've had to turn down events and visiting my family in Newcastle. It's disappointing, but I really feel like I'm progressing now. Fingers crossed I'll be able to find something that takes on graduates so I can stay in Manchester after uni!

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