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Friday, 30 May 2014

No longer for hire | New blog direction

Last week I started my new job as a Digital Copywriter for a marketing agency in Bolton. I genuinely can't believe how lucky I am to have been offered the job. All the panic of 'what am I going to do after uni' seems to have subsided and now I'm focussed on starting a real life for myself in Manchester.

After putting an deposit down on a new flat I started to question what my next move should be. I'm constantly working towards a goal and now I feel like I'm floating in limbo! Of course, I do feel blessed to be in this position, but it's definitely a lifestyle change!

This big change also means the content on this blog will no longer be about my time at uni. I intend on keeping this blog alive - I really do! So I'm putting together a lil plan. Due to the fact all of my followers are fashion&beauty bloggers, I'm going to post marketing content with you guys in mind.

You can expect tips on SEO, content, social media and everything in between! 

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