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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Credits from the last month

I've tried to get as many things out as possible of the few weeks. However, in terms of features, things haven't exactly gone to plan! I've found myself involved in a lot of PR work. By PR work, I really mean making sure 'Churnalism' isn't happening. I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had lately, but this certainly doesn't show my full capabilities.

Thus this next week will be dedicated to publishing some more intense features. I'm currently writing a 'Catfishing' profile feature and I'm interviewing Vanessa from Cam Girl Project. Both will be published on AlliƩ.

For now, here's a few pieces I've worked on in the past few weeks.

Pinioning protests for Quays News
Mental Health feature for Quays News

Moya promo for ILM

Drink's Emporium for ILM

Zombie Walk for ILM

Xmas lights switch on for ILM

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