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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Allié content

I'm so thankful to everyone who has recently submitted content to Allié. I'm aware that most will only be submitting for portfolio reasons and that's completely fine, but you're welcome to keep the articles coming (hint, hint)!

I originally worried that people would try to use the site as a 'cop-out', but the amount of great content and effort people went to has been really overwhelming. To see people submit this level of content when they've already got a lot of university work on their plate has been really heart warming.

Every day I become more and more tempted to take a huge risk and set Allié up full time after university. I think it's most likely that I'll take a job in HR/admin when I finish my degree, just to make sure I have money to live in Manchester. This would certainly be a less risky option as I could continue to run the site part time. Perhaps one day I'll be secure enough to throw myself into Allié full time, but for now I'll keep dreaming!

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