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Friday, 28 February 2014

Reclaim the Night | Manchester 2014

I've just taken a quick break from editing the full video to share this little clip with you all. The Reclaim the Night march was nothing short of incredible. I was completely overwhelmed by the turn out.

One thing I also though was wonderful was the inclusion of the LGBT community. In previous years, I'd often heard friends talk about how they felt marginalised when they attended. Street harassment spans across sexualities and genders. Although Reclaim the Night may have begun as a women's rights movement, we're going to make a bigger impact if we stand and fight as one.

Thankfully my colleague Craig Carroll bought along a secondary camera to help me get as much footage as possible. We managed to get a few voxes, but the radio mic didn't seem to be picking up clear audio. We swapped the mics, but by the time we'd sorted ourselves out, the march had begun!

I've altered the style of video to combat the technical issues and it should be ready tonight/early tomorrow morning.

I had an amazing night meeting all the interviewees and seeing everyone speaking out against the patriarchy. Well done to you all!

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