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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Story leads and luxuries

I've been treating myself here and there in a desperate attempt to find material motivation. Yankee candles, Lush cosmetics... anything that is going to make me and my surroundings smell good generally puts me in a good mood! I even bought a 1996 pug TY Beanie bear as a mascot!

Yesterday I had an great pre-interview meeting, which has lead to a few new leads. We ended up going off on quite a few tangents, but it was great to know I'd found someone who is so passionate about equality and activism.

We got chatting about Ireland, which is where my interviewee is from. Ze informed me about the Alternative Miss Uslter event and I was instantly intrigued! I'm set to do a live-blogging marathon on the 8th, so I won't be able to cover the event. I'll be covering it in some way though. It's such an amazing idea that needs to be heard!

For now, I'm getting everything prepped for filming 'Reclaim the Night'. I'm slightly apprehensive as to how the LED lights are going to make the footage look. Grainy footage is not what I need! My friend from university will be helping me get secondary footage, so hopefully I'll have enough shots to work with.

Wish me luck!

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