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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

"So basically, your project is just about women moaning."

This response is exactly why my FMP will focus on women's rights campaigns. I've always had an interest in both campaign journalism and feminism, so it would only be fitting to let my passion drive my final degree project. It's just a shame some of my friends evidently do not share my outlook!

Whilst pitching my ideas to my tutor, I realised the potential my project has. Not only does it lead itself to various mediums, there are some great opportunities to try something completely different in terms of online journalism. I just hope I do the subject justice.

My initial plan entails: 
Reclaim the Night - video project
International Women's Day - marathon live blogging with OnLocation
Does the UK need Femen? - feature on extreme feminism in the UK
No more page 3 - campaign coverage
Rape Culture - Mini doc, potentially historical
What makes me a woman? - My own campaign working with transwomen.

I have left four spaces for potential breaking news and surplus work. Hopefully some of these stories will catch your eye as I will be using my blog to heavily promote my work, amongst other things.

A lot of thought has gone into this. I knew I wanted to focus on some form of feminism/women's issues, but I just had to find the right title. Although this is a very stressful time for any student, I am so blessed to have a topic that I can get excited about.

(Image: NQ street art by MOZE)

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