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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Cosmo on Campus

Image taken by Issy Allison

It's my last year of working with Cosmo On Campus. Being Campaign Manager for Salford University has truly been an amazing experience. I've loved every minute of both campaigns, especially meeting new students and seeing my confidence grow.

This year I wanted to create a new element to my campaign by implementing social media. Notices on the SU Facebook page just didn't cut it for me!

In the last few months 'selfie culture' has exploded. The 'no make up selfie' campaign and that ridiculously catchy song by The Chainsmokers has made it impossible to escape! Thus 'CosmoSelfie' was born. As an alternative to campaign photos of passersby grabbing a mag, I asked (begged) readers to pose for a selfie for our Instagram account.

The whole set up added a new buzz to the campaign. I ended up joining student activity groups to get some group snaps and everyone involved seemed to love the idea. In particular, Salford University Dance Society who took time out of their rehearsals to pose for some shots that genuinely had me in stitches!

This was the perfect end to my final campaign and I'm extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity.

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